Dog Food Brands

7 Best Dog Food Brands for Poodle with a Sensitive Stomach

When your poodle’s stomach is a bit sensitive, what dog food brands would best suit your furry friend?

Well, there are various ways of answering this million dollar question that this almost borders on the impossible. It is obvious that the exact sensitivity of your dog will have a big impact on the kind of food that is going to work best for your little pooch.

Poodle owners might have to experiment with different carb and protein sources before they finally find the perfect formula. Having said this, it would be great for you to know some of the best choices of dog food for sensitive stomachs that are proven to be gentler than the other kinds. You might want to list down these dog food brands to make sure that you will be buying something that will not cause any unwanted reactions to your poodle’s stomach:

Dog Food Brands

Natural Balance –

The Company is known for having a wide array of diets with limited ingredients although it is recommended to mix with this brand to stay on the safe side.

Canidae –

You might want to check out their PURE line of dog food as this is more limited in terms of ingredients that can help get rid of any potential sensitivity.

Solid Gold –

This is also among the best dog food brands. Solid Gold is popular for primarily known for using bison as the protein source.

Merrick –

They are known for being super gentle on the stomach with a good variety of choices. These will also include Whole Earth Farms, their daughter brand.

Bil Jae –

There are some dog owners who will question the brand since you will see chicken byproducts and corn listed on their ingredient panel. The food is being cooked in a one of a kind method that makes the corn completely digestible. Another byproduct is the chicken liver that happens to be a great ingredient. There are already lots of dog owners who have used the dog food for sensitive stomachs and were able to see good results

Freshpet –

This is the minimally processed food that you can find in the refrigerator section. The brand makes use of raw and fresh ingredients that are blended then slightly pasteurized to ensure safety. This is also among the dog food brands gentle for your pet’s stomach.

Nature’s Variety –

It is yet another phenomenal food. They have frozen raw line that is as gentle as you can find.

Dog Food Brands

However, it is important to keep in mind that you might need to do some trial and error process to eliminate some choices for the first several flavors and brands until you settle for the one that will work best dog food brands for your poodle. You might want to ask the pet specialty store for some samples or even their return policy should your dog fail to do well on the food or end up not liking it.

If your dog doesn’t like any brand food, you can dry homemade dog food. You can read the article about The Secrets You Should Know about Vegetarian Dog Food to know details about vegetarian dog food!

As always, make sure that you consult with your vet for health related concerns.

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