Vegetarian Dog Food

The Secrets You Should Know About Vegetarian Dog Food

With more and more people now choosing to go organic, vegan or vegetarian. It is not a big surprise that even pet owners have now become more conscious about the quality of food they feed to their dogs, especially the ingredients. Many pet food companies today respond to this demand. Although offering a bigger variety of canned food and kibbles, including vegetarian dog food. But is a natural balance dog food the best for your pet?

Vegetarian Dog Food

A Dog’s Anatomy

By nature, dogs are carnivores and this is something that can be proven by their biology. Dogs’ teeth have sharp points for them to tear and eat meat. The intestinal tracts of a dog are also shorter compared to herbivores or humans that indicate that their systems are not good. When it comes to processing any vegetable matter that requires a longer time for digestion compared to meat.

Dogs have unique nutritional needs that are met by a meat-based diet. Dogs need higher levels of calcium and protein that can be found in animal tissue, and B12 that is not present in most plants. Even if plants do have essential amino acids, these are not balanced to meet the biological needs of a dog.

Vegetarian Dog Food

Health Benefits of Vegetarian Dog Food

The only actual advantage of feeding your dog with a natural balance dog food is when he suffers from organ problems or allergies that hinder him from proper digestion of meat protein. These two conditions are very rare. Which means that you must only feed a vegetarian dog food with your vet’s recommendation.

Many food allergies are the result of fillers such as wheat, corn and animal byproducts. When your dog has allergies to these ingredients, you can choose food made from non-grain binders such as sweet potatoes. If the allergies persist and the vet suggests a vegetarian diet to fix the problem. Which, in spite of popular belief, is very rare, a vegetarian dog food might be your best choice.

The same thing applies to gastrointestinal problems. When your dog suffers from becomes sick from chronic diarrhea, you can try various meat-based dog foods to find something that will agree with him. In worse cases, his body might not sufficiently process meat or chicken at all, and if this happens, a vegetarian diet is your only option.

Go for the Best Vegetarian Dog Food


When your vet agrees to go on a plant-based diet. It is important that you look for a natural balance dog food that will meet his different nutritional needs. While it can be tempting to prepare your dog’s food on your own. It is unlikely that home-cooked meals can give him the nutrients that he needs.

The ideal choices for healthy vegetarian diet are the prepared foods from the pet food manufacturers. In that case, the premium food contains different proportions of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, beans, soy products or eggs together with supplements to provide the nutritional needs of your pet.

Make sure that you choose the best vegetarian dog food to ensure the health and safety of your pet.

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