Best Crate For German Shepherd

7 Best Crate For German Shepherd – No More Separation Anxiety

German shepherds are adorable…….

Don’t even try to deny it!

From the family of German herding dogs, they are strong, loyal and well-muscled dog breed. But surprisingly enough, this mighty dog is most separation anxiety dog breed.

Astonishing, isn’t it?

This is mainly because of their affectionate nature. And that’s why separate them and set up the cage is the toughest part of parenting a German shepherd.

How to deal with it when you have to leave home?

First of all, train him to get used to it and make him busy with plenty of activities. And secondly, make him feel that it’s not a prison-like cage, it’s his home.

Sounds good?

Here is a quick drop-down of some best crate for a German shepherd to handle anxiety in German shepherd.

What is the best dog crate for German shepherd?

Best kennel size for German shepherd: SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Best crate for German shepherd puppy: Life Stages LS-1630DD Folding Crate       

Best size crate for German shepherd: Ovation Folding Dog Crate              

Best outdoor dog kennel for German shepherd: Lucky Dog Slyder Sliding Door Dog Crate

Best German shepherd car crate: Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

What size crate for a full-grown German shepherd?

When you are the only owner of a German shepherd, which means you have to manage or create a better place for your beloved pet dog. Tiny or average size is best for puppies or for an on-growing German shepherd. 

Unfortunately, that tiny crate won’t be suitable and precise for your shepherd dog when he/she will grow fully. 

Your dog will become adult, heavyweight, bigger, and speedy. So, what size crate will be fabulous for a full-grown German shepherd? Obviously, you will require a large size crate; here’s the exact and accurate size of the required crate. 

If your German dog’s weight is about 40-60lbs, then crate size should be 30-inches length x 36-inches height. For 60-80lbs size should be 36-inches length x 36-inches height; 80-100lbs dogs will need 42-inches length x 36-inches height. 

Therefore, a full-grown German shepherd dog weight could be 60-80lbs approximately, so try to take a 36″ x 36″ (L x H) sized crate.

5 best crate for German shepherd review | To a Home for Life! (refined by crate size)

I have actually quite a few german shepherd cage. After Mr. Chaplin (my first German shepherd as a pet), I fall in love with this breed. Later, 

here is our review of the top 7 best crates for German shepherd which are specially made to give a home-like feel.

1. SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate- A large dog crate for german shepherd

SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate Strong Metal Pet Kennel

German shepherds are sensitive!……….Not only on a diet, also to crate, but you also can’t leave them alone easily. 

Pretty big deal, right?

But the good news, if you can introduce your pup properly to a crate, it can be a relaxing space. And most importantly, if you’ve got a busy schedule like me, it will be wise to make a private place for their own, where he/she can hide when things are not going well.

What so special about it?

You probably have realized that German shepherds are relatively bigger than other breeds. That means you also need something bigger. To fulfil that requirement, this dark silver heavy duty took my attention.

And my pup was quite happy with it!

Design & material

Dark silver cage will surely fit in your home décor easily. And the best part is the ‘Y’ shape style. The heavy duty steel frame is as strong as it looks.

And that’s pretty obvious when German shepherds are the large, strong dog. This indestructible dog cage has a design with a well-welded steel bar and the heaviest metal frame.

The result?

It prevents from escaping. Now come to the material part. The non-toxic finished won’t do any harm to your pup’s health even if it licks anyhow.

Ventilation & lock system

The Y-pattern design is not only making it bite-proof shape but also ensure impressive ventilation system so that your dog has a comfortable home to room around.

What about security?

I was surprised to see that it’s not a typical double locking mechanism, they actually managed to build an upgraded anti-escape lock system. And found out it’s way better in prevention escape. All you have to do is lock the door in place, and your dog is fully secure.

Installation & folding option

I would rather say, there is nothing much to instal with this dog cage.

Why am I saying this?

That’s because this heavy-duty dog kennel is shipped assembled. All you have to do is screw together the parts and set up the structure. 

As a metal frame cage, you may not fold it, but the 360-degree rotating wheels help makes it so convenient to remove here to there. The last one but not least, the locking casters is just to give more stability and balance. 

Cleaning & maintenance

I know you’re eagerly waiting for this part.

Can’t blame you.

Cleaning the poops is the most painful part of being a pet parent. And SMONTER could also guess it and make the process way lot easier.


The Removable plastic tray could be easily slide-out and allows the owner to wipe and rinse easily.  

The benefits 

The drawbacks

2. SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate- A large dog crate for german shepherd

Life Stages LS-1630DD Double Door Folding Crate

Before jumping to introduce a giant cage to the puppy never seems a good idea for me. 

So, this LS-1630DD is for the German shepherd pup actually. 

And I guess the 30-Inch w/Divider unit is more than enough for a puppy. If you are a pet parent, Midwest isn’t an unknown name to you. So, no need to talk about the quality of the cage that’s for sure. And I highly recommend it for german shepherd crate training. Now Let’s take a closer look inside….. 

Design & material 

Well, I have to admit, it’s pretty durable.  

A satin-black Electro-Coat finish, this dog cage has rounded corners with an impressive slide-bolt latch. That’s not all; it includes a divider panel, dog tray, and most importantly, the carrying handle so that you can move the cage easily and take your dog while travelling. 

Another great thing is the “roller” feet which will protect floors.  

Ventilation & lock system 

Ah, the most crucial part! 

And in this case, the Midwest LS-1630DD seems fairly straightforward. With the 2-door design offering the front & side access.  

I really love The divider panel. Why? Well, it gives you opportunities for adjusting the length of the living area. That’s actually a great feature as your puppy is in the growth stage.  

Installation & folding option 

Designed by keeping in mind about safety, the security of your pet, Midwest crates can set up in seconds effortlessly and without tools. 

And you know what? 

 Fold-down to a smart portable size is super easy. And it makes this suitable cage suitcase-style carrying and go with your pup on outdoor.  

That’s cool, isn’t it? 

The included plastic carrying handle allows moving one location to another easily. This Easy-to-attach plastic handle is actually put to carry the folded crate. 

Cleaning & maintenance 

There is a washable plastic pan which is removable so that you can clean the crate easily without sweating the blood.  


The benefits

The drawbacks 

3. Ovation Folding Dog Crate- top german shepherd kennel

Ovation Folding Dog Crate

A cage is a very personal, den-like space for your furry friends to call his own. But when it comes to choosing the crate for a German shepherd, it should have plenty of space for potty training, housebreaking, and stuff like that. 

In a word, adequate space! 

And this Folding Dog Crate from ovation is large enough to fulfil his den-instinct in the most modern way. More beautiful and ergonomic. 

Design & material 

As you can see, the outer dim is 36.75L x 25.125W x 27H. 

Good enough, I must say. 

The double door dog crate is made from metal and easily can fold with the w/ swing out the front door. The unique part of this model is the “Up & Away” garage side door. 

Ventilation & lock system 

The channel track on the right side looks sturdy as it made from metal steel. But the thing that impresses me most, how it secures door & cage in place when lowered.  

Wondering how to open it then? 

Simply lift the handle and lay door on top of the cage. Apart from this, the front door is also secure and features a lift handle to open it. 

As simple as it sounds. 

Do you notice the Door stows out of the way? This is all because to eliminate the need for extra space dog owner looking for a swing-out door.  

Installation & folding option 

With the fold and carry configuration, you can wrap up the installation procedure in seconds without any tool. A metal dog crate can easily be folded flat for quick travel, storage and portability. 

Cleaning & maintenance 

The composite plastic pan is smartly designed to simple clean-up. This unit is also a Midwest product so I won’t talk much about it as mention this earlier. 

The benefits 

The drawbacks 

4. Lucky Dog Slyder Sliding Door Dog Crate- impact dog crate german shepherd size

Every good pup deserves a good home. 

And this Sliding Door Dog Crate has everything to give your German shepherd a home-like feeling. Featuring multi-use divider, this is a cage-like no other. But the thing that impresses me is the brand’s holistic approach and environmentally responsible processes. 

Want to know much more about this awesome dog cage? Let’s dive in the main part….. 

Design & material 

Only weigh 21.61 Pounds, this heavy-duty dog cage is lightweight and suitable to take it outside. At the same time, the 36 x 24 x 27 inches; the Convenient top handle makes it portable to move in a different place.  

What about construction? 

Designed with strong wire construction, this unit has been wrapped up with e-coating for rust-resistant. There are plenty of sizes so that you can get the right one for your dog. But the German shepherd is comparatively bigger than most breed; I suggest to for medium to large unless it’s not a puppy. 

Ventilation & lock system 

Most probably, you have already notice that this dog cage comes with SLIDING DOOR SYSTEM. as a result, you will get easy, instant access for your furry friend to their home.  

Another super feature is……. 

90 DEGREE SAFETY LATCHES! Secure and sturdy, it quite impossible to be opened by the dog. The Positioning of the latches is also smartly placed that your dog can’t be pushing door outward.  

Installation & folding option 

The setup and fold up system is super simple & quick, barely will take seconds. The Secure-Lock Corner Stabilizers gives your dog the utmost safety.  

Beyond that, the Floor-protecting rubber feet are made to save your floor from scratch.  

Cleaning & maintenance 

LEAK-PROOF PAN is Easy to Remove and clean. All you have to do is take it and rinse it.  

The benefits 

The drawbacks 

5. Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel- best german shepherd travel crate size for high anxiety dog

 Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

The only kennel I put in the list if you’re a travel freak like me.   

That’s true.  

This Ultra Vari Kennel is designed for frequent-flyer pets. Yeah, The most amazing part is Airline-adaptable feature. True, meets most car as well as airline cargo specifications, this cage is my companion in my nomad life.    

Design & material 

Made with recycled plastic material which is eco-friendly as well as sturdy. At the moment of opening the box, you will notice an easy-open front latch. This latch makes the access process smooth.  

There are a different size as you can see but as german shepherd are quite giant, going for a 40″ will be wise. It may seem tiny, but can easily carry 70-90 lbs.  

Ventilation & lock system  

Featuring the tie-down strap holes, the raised inside is polished and secure for your dog. But that doesn’t mean, Petmate don’t care about ventilation. 

The wire vents make this dog travel crate breathable and comfortable. Wire ventilation openings are solid and give 360-degree visibility so that there is no problem for airflow. 

Installation & folding option  

This probably the coolest part of this cage.  

Literally, zero maintenance need for this cage. in the meantime, Screws and fasteners provide a quick, stress-free assembly without any additional tool. But, you can’t fold it. 

Cleaning & maintenance 

The plastic material is super simple to clean and wipe down.  

The benefits 

The drawbacks  

Do German shepherds like crates?

Who doesn’t known about German shepherd dogs and their lifestyles?  

German Shepherds is one of the significant dogs for the military, police, and rescue. Not only the Government army provides interest in this incomparable dog, but also lots of people want to nurture this highly anticipated dog.  

Before you’re planning to nurture a German shepherd, you have to know where to keep them. Numerous people asks do German shepherds like crates or not? Can a German Shepherd be left alone during the day? 

As far as I know, German shepherds love to stay in the crates. Indeed, this special dog feels comfortable in a specific place, and they like to sleep in a separate but durable home.  

Crates could be a persistent place to keep them because crates are durable & specific enough to keep them. Overall, I hope I was able to clarify about crates likability of German shepherds. 

Where should you put a dog crate in the house?

Definitely, it won’t be the right decision to keep your dog outside of your house in a crate. The crate doesn’t come with a stable roof; that’s why it’s very crucial to keep a dog crate inside the home.  

Numbers of people get confused about where you should put a dog crate in the house. The majority of people think everybody should keep their dog crate in a separate room, but I don’t think it would be a worthwhile decision.  

There are several righteous places available in your home for placing the dog crate. Here are some of the outstanding home spot for keeping dog crate; 

  • Downstairs 
  • Corner of the drawing room 
  • Under the table  
  • Under the bed 

Downstairs could be a fabulous spot for keeping a dog crate because if any unknown person enters your house or try to go to the 2nd-floor dog will catch him pretty effortlessly.  

Keeping their crate in your bedroom is also a great decision (especially at night time). 

Things to consider while buying a German shepherd dog crate (Buying Guide)

Nearly 66% of dog lovers put interest in the German shepherd dog because this dog is so clever, stronger, intelligent, faithful, and looks like a fox. Before buying a dog, every dog lover desires to know what things they should consider while buying a dog.  

But did you ever thought what to consider before buying a dog crate? If not, then let me recommend you an ultimate German shepherd dog crate buying guide. If you consider these options carefully, I think you will be able to buy a tremendous dog crate. 


Stability and sturdiness are very crucial in a dog crate because the dog isn’t a quiet animal; rather, they are so strong. That’s why a durable and tough crate could be suitable for a German shepherd dog.  

In this case, you have to find out which crate has enough longevity, endurance, and consistency. 

Dog age & weight 

Measuring the dog is very important because, with it, you can’t even understand which crate will be supportive and suitable for your dog. For example, it seems worse when you have a 22-inches height dog, and you bought a 20-inches height crate.  

For this reason, try to take the proper size first of your dog; otherwise, your money could be wasted. Also, don’t forget to consider the German shepherd’s weight. 

Crate demission & type 

 What is the best dog house for a German shepherd? 

After taking the dog measurement, you have to consider the crate demission. Crate demission totally depends on the dog’s height and weight. I already talked about several size crates for various types of dogs. 

Crate material 

Indeed, you can get myriad types of crates such as metal, plastic, wood, stick, and more. In my opinion, wooden and metal crates are the best crate for German shepherd dogs.  

You can use plastic and stick crate for the German puppy dogs, but it will be better if you can buy a metal or wooden crate for full-grown German shepherds. 

Price or cost 

For a single German shepherd, you shouldn’t buy a large-sized crate; rather, a medium-sized crate will be impeccable and adequate for them. An average-sized crate won’t cost you more than $30 – $50 bucks. 

How Long Can You Leave a German shepherd in a Crate? 

A healthy German shepherd can live for up to 9 to 13 years long. In this age period, their life span works like humans such as baby, young, and adult.  

Basically, the German shepherd dog is a large dog, and they passed their puppies’ life span at the age of 3. This dog’s height could be 24 – 26-inches long, and their approximate weight could be up to 80-90lbs.  

This means you can’t keep your German shepherd in the same crate for longer; either you have to make a large crate or find a different place for them.  

can german shepherds be crate trained? 

In my consideration, when they are 3-5 years old, you can keep them in a crate for the whole day. But when they turn six years old, you shouldn’t keep them in a crate for more than 4 hours. If you do that, they will behave aggressively, and they will feel irritated. 

When should you stop using a dog crate? 

We both know a crate is a perfect choice for puppies and numbers of big dogs. But the truth is you can’t keep your dog in the crate for the rest of the life.  

You have to find an individual place for them, so they can grow utterly and perfectly. Some people thought they should keep their dog in the crate for a certain time, and some people think they should avoid the dog crate.  

Don’t be confused; because I already managed the answer of when should you stop using a dog crate exactly.  

Final words…… 

A crate can be used for two special reasons such as for training and for living. It doesn’t matter for which reasons you’re using a dog crate; the matter is you have to stop using a dog crate at one time. 

In my opinion, when your dog is converting from puppies to a young dog, you should stop using the dog crate. If you still keep them in the crate, they will face issues while growing, and it could affect their behaviour too.  

So, be kind and don’t put them in a horrible and awkward situation. 

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