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Why do dogs always want to eat what you are having!

Did you notice how your dog begs for you to give him a bite of the cookie you were having for dessert even when his bowl is still full of his food? What could be the best dog food for puppies? You have to find out the best treat for your puppies and we just try to give some advice about it.

For most pet owners, it can be pretty frustrating to spend for Natural dog food or other brands for that matter only to find out that their dog doesn’t show the least interest in eating what’s in their bowl. Instead, they have this habit of showing more interest in what you eat. But, why do they act this way? Is it because dog food is bad and not something that they appreciate?

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Is Dog Food Really That Bad?

The truth is, it is not really because the dog food is bad and uninteresting. It is important for you to keep in mind that dogs are naturally social animals and it is in their genes to do whatever it is that you are doing. Being pack animals, it is only natural for your dog to want to get a share of what the rest of the pack has brought in.

This sharing and pack mentality is almost the same with how you are going to reach if you were only given with a bowl of cold and tasteless white rice when your parents are enjoying a nicely roasted chicken garnished with potatoes but didn’t even bother to give you even the smallest bite. Pack members are always sharing their food even if it might not really be very good food.

They eat the food together. When you eat a cookie and your dog doesn’t get a bit, his reaction is to slink away and put on that face for several minutes. But if you eat a cooking and give him some dog treats, he will not really notice the difference what you are having and what he gets. Our loving dog will continue this habit before finding out the best dog food for puppies.

Best Dog Food for Puppies!

Also, don’t forget that just like most of the animals in this world and even people themselves, dogs also love investigating new and different things and they have this inclination to try or see what somebody else has that they don’t.

DOg food advisor HQ

It is the dog’s survival and social instinct that they want to get hold of various foods and taste them. There might be instances when your dog will taste a piece of food and just leave it behind after tasting and there might be instances when it may be their entire meal.

But when looking for the best dog food for puppies, you have to be extra careful because not all human foods are good for your pet. There are some food items that humans love that can actually be very dangerous to your furry friend. For this reason, you have to be a bit wary and the best thing for you to do is for you to ask your vet first before you introduce any food to your pet like any kind of branded food you can trust on.

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