Why Isn’t My Pet Dog Eating Properly?

the Best Dog food

Dogs are typically hearty eaters and known for their love of food, as well as sometimes taking this to extremes with scavenging, overeating behavior, and begging. Any of such concerns may cause issues of their own, yet at the opposite end of the spectrum, comes the problem of unwillingness to eat. In this situation dog owner’s biggest concern is, what could be the best dog food for puppies?

best food for puppies

The majority of dogs will go off their food or lose their appetite once in a while throughout their lives. But, more often than not, this loss of appetite will correct itself. However, if your dog does not eat properly and suddenly lose his appetite, this could require further investigation.

There are many reasons why some dogs refuse to eat or lose their appetite and some of these are:

Is it hard to find out the best dog food for puppies?

If you’ve changed your dog food recently, it’s one possible culprit and it always comes as a surprise to the majority of dog owners to learn that this issue is most commonly present whenever they have switched from cheap supermarket dog foods to better quality dog foods instead of the other way around.

best food for puppy

Dog foods that are cheaper are often high in salt, artificial flavors, and sugar, giving them the same appeal to dogs as a packet of crisps or fatty hamburger would in comparison to a balanced diet with tons of vegetables. So, to avoid digestive upset, always choose the best dog food for puppies.

Feeding Too Much

If dogs do eat yet do not finish their meals, it is probably because you are feeding them with too much food. This can be done easily, especially as your dog ages or their levels of activities decrease that may mean that the appetite of your dog will reduce as well and won’t eat as much food as they’ve done it before.

Therefore, always calculate the foods of your dog in accordance to your packaging and make sure that you’re not overfeeding your dog.

Dental Problems

Numerous dog owners think that dogs with bad breath are normal and something that they need to live with. However, the truth is, it’s not normal for dogs to have bad breath and may be a sign of dental problems including gingivitis, rotten teeth, abscesses, and many more. Pain or a toothache when eating may cause your dog to enjoy his meals.

So, always schedule a dental inspection with your veterinarian if you think your dog’s dental health is causing him not to eat.

Environmental Issues or Stress

best food for puppies

If your dog is not happy with his bowl’s position, is not left with peace of mind to eat or bullied when getting meals, this may soon lead to unwillingness to eat. Anxiety and stress can also lead to appetite loss. As a dog owner, it is important to know the real cause of the problem that causes stress to your dog and find out what you can do for making his meal times much pleasant.

There are other reasons why your dog is not eating properly. To ensure that your dog will eat his foods, always consider keeping his foods in a dog food storage to maintain freshness.


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