Best dogs for families specially for kids

Dogs are considered good companions in most common households and choosing the best dogs for families is a difficult task. Adopting a dog can prove to be a difficult task as it is similar to choosing a new family member as they are expected to be interacting with all members of the family. Therefore, before making a final decision, dog owners should carry out proper research to ensure that they pick the correct breed for the correct purpose.

best dogs for families

Most importantly, families that have children should be cautious when selecting a dog to keep as a pet. This is because some breeds tend to be very aggressive or naturally nervous which would not be so safe for the kids. On the other hand, some breeds may be meant for low key home environments that are calm; which is not the case with places where children are. You have to keep in mind a few factors at the time of selecting best dogs for families. There are some factors to consider and some of them include;

  • Friendly
  • Energy level
  • Intelligent
  • Sturdy
  • Age
  • Temperament
  • Size

Best dogs for families

You have to choose the best dogs for families if you want to keep a pet in your home. At the time of selecting it above mentioned factors are important. Some of the awesome dog breeds are discussed below.

1. Golden Retriever

This breed is among the most popular breeds in households in the United States and is considered to be among the best dogs for families. They are easy to train and are often even-tempered. In addition, they are friendly and are generally a smart pet thus making them suitable to keep around children. Often, they require to be engaged in quite a number of activities to keep them happy.

Besides, they tend to bond quite fast with all family members thus making them a good companion in a home. Families that are looking for a social breed should definitely go for a Golden Retriever.

2. Labrador Retriever

Besides being intelligent and popular, this breed is very playful, patient, reliable and sweet. The Labrador Retriever tends to be quite protective and enjoy company of children as well as adults.

3. Beagle

These dogs are known to be snoopy and are therefore not very suitable for apartments as they are like chasing and exploring. They are good at climbing and digging. They are good companions for children as they play and hence a good breed to select for a household with children.

4. Bulldog

The Bulldog is a very friendly breed that is usually loyal and a good companion to other pets, including other pets. They are therefore good to keep in homes as they are able to correlate with other pets without having to interfere with their existence. They are strong and have a muscular body thus making them a suitable playmate for kids that play in highly energetic manners that are somewhat rough.

They are good at skateboarding thus making them suitable for families that live near oceans or rather get engaged in skateboarding. Since they are not very energetic, their play periods are usually short.

5. Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier is known to have high endurance to pain thus serving as a good playing partner for children that fail to behave well around dogs. This proves that they are one of the best dogs for families and loving to both the adults and children as well. Also, they require plenty of time to play and might be rough in their playing activities. Besides, they act as very good guards of children thus making them do well in large families.

6. Irish setter

They are energetic dogs which are suitable for families with children as tend to be playful and a lover of company of people. They require plenty of exercise as well as long walks. They are easy to train and are also smart enough and consider as one of the best dogs for families.

7. Viszla

These dogs are obedient, loyal and loving. This helps them bond greatly with family members.

8. Collie

These dogs are good at pleasing their owners and are preferable as one of the best dogs for families adopting a dog for the first time. However, their coats require regular grooming as they have long hair coats.

9. Poodle

This breed has coats that continue growing with a little shedding and therefore safe to keep around children with allergies. Besides being smart and friendly, their coats require less grooming and consider as one of the best dogs for families.

10. Newfoundland

They are large, kind, patient and gentle. They are good at swimming and require a large living space. As they play with children; they should be watched as they are likely to knock them down due to their heavyweight.

11. Mutts

These dogs are loyal, affectionate and usually have a pleasing desire towards their owners that why they consider as one of the best dogs for families. Though they vary in size and shapes, they do well around children of all ages.

12. Boxer

Boxers are usually very energetic during their youngster years especially when well trained and allowed a bit of exercise time. They love taking daily walks with vigorous plays which helps to keep them healthy as well as entertained. However, Boxers do not do well in hot climates as they are prone to suffering heart attacks, unlike other breeds. They may also knock down little kids with their heavyweight and height.

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13. Basset Hound

The Basset hound is another kind of hunting dogs in various households. It is a breed that is known to be among the best dogs for families. However, when it comes to hunting, they are often slow and this could make them appear lazy when around the house. Often, they love living in households where they can access the backyards easily so as to satisfy their instinctive job of sniffing around. Besides, they are short-legged thus enabling them to be dependent on their noses and they enjoy sniffing as well as chasing games in the backyard.

On the other hand, they have long ears and even hold a world’s record as a breed with the largest dog ears thus making them fond for cuddling. They are bred as pack dogs and tend to be very loyal to their families. This is a very good trait to go for when looking for a dog to keep at home as it would be a positive inclusion of a family member.

In addition, the Basset Hound is of medium size and this makes it very adaptable to any kind of a living space. This will ensure that the owners do not stress wondering where to house their dog. Also, this breed is known to be loving and gentle hence making it blend well in terms of relating well with all members of the family.

Most importantly, their playful attitude would be very good towards children as both parties would enjoy spending time together and make it as one of the best dogs for families. However, they are at times very stubborn especially when it comes to the training process and this requires that trainers or rather family members be patient with them.

Therefore, this breed is best for families that have ample time to train them and ensure that they get their brains sharpened. Families with less time would find it difficult training the Basset Hound and should hence opt to go for an alternative breed.

14. Bernese Mountain Dog

These dogs are relatively big in size and hence suitable for as the best dogs for families looking for huge dogs to keep in their homes. Their body mass often grows long prior reaching mental maturity thus making them interact in very sweet and lovable ways with their family with the inclusion of children. In addition, this breed is known to do very well in most family activities hence proving that as much as the family will be having a good time, the dogs will also be enjoying their stay.

best dogs for families

However, they have a long hair coat that often needs grooming which could demand time and attention from their families. The Bernese Mountain Dogs tend not tend to be intolerant to hot climates and therefore, families settled in hot climate areas may not be in a good position to adopt them.

15. Boston Terrier

These dogs are small in size and enjoy playing with other pets.

16. Brittany

This breed was originally known as the Brittany Spaniel and is one of the best dogs for families pet for active families. These dogs are usually athletic and require constant activity to keep happy. They are not only easy to train but also tend to be task oriented. This trait requires that they are not left alone for long periods of time as they would get bored.

Therefore, it is good for families that have ample time to keep around the dog at most times to go for this breed as a pet. In addition, they are friendly and love having fun. Often, they tend to do well in large families as they are able to have consistent companionship that they require.

17. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This breed is believed to be the lapdog among all other Spaniels. This is because they love having belly rubs as well as cuddling up thus making them a perfect type of dog for kids that could want to grant their pets’ physical attention. On the other hand, this breed is not only calm but also enjoys getting engaged in games that why it conders as one of the best dogs for families.

Often, they are very easy to train, thanks to their easy to train attitude. Families looking for a dog to form close bonds with should go for the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as they tend to be very affectionate towards their owners.

18. American Water Spaniel

Arguably, the American Water Spaniel is a breed that is known to be very energetic. The breed was originally bred specially for hunting purposes due to their high energy levels. These kinds of dogs often need to have their days spent running around in order for them to sleep at night nonstop just like kids. They are very fond of water and their name suggests so too. In addition, they are very good swimmers and also sport a water-resistant coat. This will make the lives of the families that are adopting them very interesting as I could imagine how much fun both kids and adults would have watching their dogs compete against others in the swimming competitions.

However, despite the fact that these dogs are very friendly and exceptionally warm to their owners, they tend to be kind of wary of strangers. This makes them awesome watchdogs and can be trusted to watch over homes as they would keep soldiers away.

19. Curly Coated Retriever

This breed is one of the most intelligent dog breeds that exist thus making them easy to train and therefore demand less time to learn from the family they belong to. Besides, they have short, curly coats that require moderate grooming thus making it easier to care for them. Families keeping the breed do not therefore require spending too much time trimming their coats.

They are loyal to their family and enjoy engaging in athletic activities as well as learning. This is because they are energetic. On the other hand, this breed is a gentle companion and they love lying beside their owners and therefore make it a suitable pet in households.

20. Irish Wolfhound

The Irish wolfhound is a breed that is second largest in size and hence suitable for families that may love huge dogs. It was originally used during times of war between people. Despite the fact that they are recognized as relatively larger, they are calm and soft natured. In addition, they are patient and easy going which makes them be a good breed to keep around children as chances of them acting wild are minimal and are often ready to play.

However, guessing the origin of this kind of breed is difficult in the present day. The breed is considered nice to adapt because it is not only easy to train but also ready to play. Although they are not known to be excessively energetic, they require a daily exercise routine to keep them in good shape. Often, they tend to be of reserved behavior around strangers thus making them god for families that are outgoing and interact with many different people.

In conclusion, Above mentioned are the best dogs for families. It is important to note that every pet is usually an individual. Besides, breeds have general personalities as well as disposition that could vary from one dog to another. Effective training and attention are essential for dogs to feel at home.

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