Best Puppy Food

What Should be the Diet for One Month Labrador Puppy?

Whether you are already a proud parent to a Labrador puppy or you are just planning to adopt one, you are surely anxious to know more about the best puppy food that will ensure your pet’s health and optimum growth.

Originally coming from Canada, the Labrador Retriever is the most popular, loved and famous breed of retrievers in a lot of countries all over the world. Back in the early times, the breed was only commonly appreciated and utilized as a versatile hunter. This has the ability to hunt both on land and water. Aside from that, these intelligent dogs also have a very gentle temperament that makes them easily fit right into the role of a dog that all the members of the family will surely love.

Best Puppy Food

Before worrying about the best natural balance dog food for your one month old Labrador puppy, it is best to know that one month is too young for any kind of puppy to leave its mother and siblings. If the puppy has been taken from the mother and siblings now, you might start seeing some issues stemming from the extremely early separation both in terms of behavior and health. So you must have to manage best puppy food for the puppy.

The health problems might be because the pup was not able to benefit completely from the mother’s milk while slowly transitioning over to other kinds of food as how it should. The behavioral problems, on the other hand, can be similar to a child not growing up with the parents within a stable family environment.

A puppy that has been taken away from the mom and the siblings prior to the start of the vital socialization training will not be able to get the fundamental sense of security and will fail to learn the basic social skills of a dog.

If the puppy has been bought from a breeder, it might be best to take it back and allow it to stay with the mother for at least one month. You might also like to reconsider buying a pup from a breeder with very little consideration for the health and well being of the puppies being sold. In most countries, it is illegal for the breeders to sell puppies that are too young so you might want to think things over first.

Best Puppy Food

At one month old, this is the age where the puppy is not weaned yet. if they fail to get sufficient amount of milk from the mother, you might want to go to a pet store or the vet and purchase a tub or can of puppy milk powder. This usually comes with a bottle for feeding the puppy as well. This might be a bit expensive but actually, you don’t have much of a choice here.

You might want to start to wean the pups when they reach their 3rd or 4th week by mashing dry natural balance dog food with warm puppy milk replacement in the food processor to produce a liquid porridge. In the next few weeks, you can then gradually replace this milk with water before reducing the amount of water so that when your puppy reaches it the second month, it will be able to eat the best puppy food, preferably dry.

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