When Should I Buy My Dog Large Breed Puppy Food?

large breed puppy food

Changing puppy food to large breed puppy food is actually an exciting moment for dogs as it means that they have reached their adult size. It is common for dog owners to be uncertain to transition their puppies to adult foods. With the rapid growth that may take place in puppyhood, your puppy may look like an adult dog in just several months.

But, if he isn’t fully grown yet, he could still benefit from a puppy-specific diet. To determine when to change puppy food to large breed puppy food, one important factor you should take into consideration is your dog’s size.

large breed puppy food

Depending on your dog breed, the majority of dogs won’t stop growing for the first year. You may continue feeding them a puppy food until their growth plates are already sealed as long as they aren’t overweight. But, you should work closely with a vet to evaluate the body condition score of your puppy.

This will make sure that your puppy can switch from puppy food to adult dog food at a particular period of time. Your vet may also recommend how much large breed puppy food you must provide your dog with a lot of extra nutrients and calories can be harmful.

large breed puppy food

Dog experts said that the smaller breeds reach their physical maturity earlier compared to bigger breed dogs. Smaller breeds will grow to be thirty pounds or less when they’re fully grown typically reach maturity around one year and must start the transition to adult dog foods. Medium-sized dogs will weigh between thirty and fifty pounds once fully grown will mature between twelve to fourteen months.

Large breed puppies are expected to weigh more than fifty pounds as an adult and they may not mature until they are two years old. They should continue to be fed with puppy foods for large breed puppies until their second birthday.

When transitioning to adult grain free dog food, consider your dog’s nutritional needs. Once you have chosen a large breed puppy food, introduce it to your dog gradually to avoid digestive upset. Gradually combine the new food with his current foods over the course of 7-10 days until the transition is completed.

As your puppy’s body changes and grows throughout his life, his nutritional requirements also change. Providing him the right food in supporting such changes is one of the most vital things you can do to assist your dog to live a healthy and long life.

Choosing the Best Large Breed Puppy Food

large breed puppy food

There are numerous brands that offer adult dog food. Make sure that the dog food formula has undergone feeding trials, which means that a particular diet formulation has been fed to some dogs to ensure that there are no deficiencies. Normally, a lot of dog food companies make foods based on a recipe and don’t feed it to real dogs before sending it into stores.

You can choose the adult dog food company that invests in scientific research and always consult with a dog food advisor to deliver adult dog foods that are specially balanced for dog’s needs.


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