Most common diseases in dogs and the best solution

Many people are ignorant of the diseases in dogs. Time and again pets suffer in silence since they are not in the position to communicate to us. As their parents, we are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring they are healthy and give them the best care, something that can be hard due inability to communicate. We need to be acquainted with possible diseases in dogs and the risk factors if we are to prevent them. This article exams the most common diseases in dogs and the best way of dealing with them.

diseases in dogs

Most Common Diseases in Dogs

Here we describe several diseases in dogs what we usually see in our intimate friend. If we don’t take care of those diseases, it can be very harmful to them. Let’s see the diseases nature and so on.

Parvovirus (Parvo)

This is an extremely transmissible viral infection that often interferes with the immune systems of dogs. The common way through which it is transmitted is by getting into contact with the poop of an infected dog, whether directly or indirectly. The common indicators include severe weight loss, vomiting and diarrhea. Even though the puppy can survive, the chances of death are very high and that necessitate a swift medical attention.

While it is very contagious, the disease can be prevented by ensuring the dogs get core vaccines as quickly as possible. Through vaccination, the widespread outbreak of the infection can be curtailed. It is also imperative to pay attention to the symptoms or any unusual behavior displayed by the dog and seeking medical attention immediately.

Gastric Torsion (Bloat)

Bloat is an enlarged stomach which when turns prevents air getting out and as a result, the dog cannot belch or vomit. Even though the symptoms are often sudden, they are noticeable and include the following:

• Difficulties in vomiting.
• Extremely wide stomach area
• Agitation
• Drooling

While the condition affects all dogs irrespective of their ages, there are certain breeds that are more susceptible to it such as the German shepherd, Boxers and bloodhound among others.

The best course of action is to ensure the dog eats slowly. Keeping food in Kong toys implies the dog will have to dig around to get it. As a result, the chances of bloating are significantly curtailed since he is prevented from inhaling it. Additionally, ensuring the dog knocks around to obtain food will stimulate its mind, compelling it to eat unhurriedly.

Kidney Disease

The disease can develop on its own over the life course of the dog or as a problem resulting from the medication or other ailments. It is also referred to as Renal Failure. It is so unfortunate that those with the condition resulting over the lifetime may not survive. The dogs with a genetic disposition to kidney failure are significantly at higher risk compared to the rest.

However, where the failure emanates from dental disease, that is bacteria from the gums getting into the bloodstream and interfere with the normal functioning of body organs such as kidney, is preventable.

To control the infection, brush their mouth regularly, at least on weekly basis. In addition, provide them with bully sticks or perhaps hard chew toys to do away with the plaque. One can also seek professional help from the vets.

Lyme Disease

This is a disease emanating from bacteria spread by ticks that have been on the body of the dog for a period of at least 18 hours. The illness is characterized by lameness in the limbs that often shift to all the legs with time. Another common indicator of the illness is decreased appetite.

The best way of controlling this condition is ensuring the dogs are away from tick prone surroundings and regularly checking their bodies. Additionally, preventative tick medicines can efficiently help to prevent the illness.

Heartworm Disease

Like any other living organisms, dogs are affected by heartworm. While it is said prevention is preferable than cure, many people go for painful treatment in future instead of incurring limited costs for heartworm medication now. Just a single mosquito bite is enough to infect the dog with heartworm.

An area characterized by mosquitoes is also prone to heartworm and therefore prevention is a must. It was previously assumed that dry areas are safe from heartworm.

Nevertheless, all the 50 climates have been found to be affected by the disease. Sadly, pets with severe cases have very minimal chances of surviving.

It is prudent to constantly consult the vet for better medication. One can also go for very cost-effective treatment. For instance, there are pills along with other injections that can also be effective in controlling other types of worms. What is more, pay attention to the symptoms of the pet displays.

diseases in dogs


Of the diseases in dogs, cancer is one of the leading killers. There are all diverse kinds of canine cancers dogs can be diagnosed with. In fact, half of the dogs’ population aged 10 and above develop the various form of cancer. Miserably, this is the principal cause of death for dogs. Treatment needs to be instant if the pet has to survive.

The common signs and symptoms include severe weight loss, loss of appetite, and unusual odors among others. For the diagnosis to be as quick as possible, it is imperative for individuals to know their dogs well. This will involve an acknowledging what is normal and what is abnormal. Furthermore, it is vital to ensure that your dog gets frequent check-ups especially as they age.

Some medical specialists argue that junk food contributes to the evident increase in cancer cases. For this reason, it essential to look at the labels before purchases are made. Avoid BHT and BHA as much as you can.

Fungal Diseases

Fungal is among the diseases in dogs emanate from breathing a contaminated soil. Apparently, some diseases are worse and affect even internal body organs such as the liver, the lungs and the brain. They include blastomycosis, histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis and valley fever. The later is the most serious and common in hot, dry and dusty deserts regions around California, Arizona and Texas.

The most common symptoms include skin lesions, difficulties in breathing and lack of appetite among others.

Ear infections

Some dogs spend much time outside and thus it is easy to be affected by ear infections. Dust particles or any other foreign particle can be lodged inside the ear of the pet, making it agitated. If the condition becomes extreme, the dog will eventually be infected. The only symptom is frequent pawing of the ear.

Administering ear drops with antibiotics will be essential in fighting off the infections. Ensure that you have the right tools for cleaning the dog’s ear since they are delicate and can easily be damaged.


To summarize the discussion, diseases in dogs can be very had to deal with. In reality, there are a lot of dangerous infections that affect dogs. As their parents, we are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring they are healthy. To be successful, it is imperative to acquainted with various diseases in dogs and the best ways to counter them. Therefore, do your best to be well versed with diseases in dogs, since their health is worthy.

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