What Ingredients matters most as per dog food advisor?

dog food advisor

Proper food is the most important thing to keep your dog healthy and mentally fresh. I will discuss mental freshness in another article. This article is all about dog food, types of food and different things to find out the best dog food. Available food types dog food advisor see generally:

1 Dry Food: Dry dog food is a kind of hard shape food. Yes, it’s hard but bite sized chunks. It looks like biscuits or pellets. This kind of dog food is cheap and we can store it for a long time. The producer uses preservatives to prolong the life of this kind of food. Dry food contains maximum 10% of the water that’s why it’s very good for dogs needing weight loss. It’s really harder to eat.

It could be very harmful to dogs with the dental problem. Dry dog food is not perfect for some dog with the dental problem but it’s good for others. Dog food advisor also finds out that dry food is cheap and easy to store a plus for the dog owner.

2 Semi Moist Food: Semi moist dog food is kind of combination of dry and wet food. This kind of food has halfway moisture. In some cases, it needs preservatives. Generally, this type of food made as chunk form and it has the soft texture. For this softness, all kind of dogs can eat it without facing any teach or mouth problem.

Semi moist food contains 3 to 4 times more water than dry food and that is good for dog’s health perspective. This types of food are more expensive than dry food but cheaper than canned food. This food is easy to store like dry food but in hot and humid weather, it must be needed sealed storage.

3 Canned Food: Dog food advisor finds out that canned food is the best and expensive food for the dogs. Consumers always consider the health issues. That’s why they cooked it at sealed cans in high temperatures. For this, the food doesn’t have the chance to get sterile and it doesn’t need to add any preservatives.

This is the best food for dogs with dental and mouth problem. This food has 7 to 8 times more water than Dry dog food. This food is really good one for health purposes because of this extra water and 0% preservatives. This one is expensive but there has some good brand at a cheap rate.

The content matters most base on dog food advisor’s saying:

dog food advisor

Different food enriches with different nutrition. Some have high fat, few have higher proteins. On the otherhand, some food contains mineral content. All these elements are not equally necessary for every dog. It varies depending on dog’s breeds and nature. Here is the segment base on dog food advisor’s research and dog necessity:

Protein: Protein is very important for dogs and puppies with diabetes. It also significant for some intestinal disease affected dog.

Carbohydrates: It’s really important food ingredients and good for intestinal health for all the dogs. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, fruits and vegetables have enough amount of carbohydrates.

Zinc: Zinc is very important food element for some god breeds like Malamutes and Siberian Huskies. Without zinc, their skin could be damaged.

High Fat: High fat in the list of food ingredients is not bad always. High fat is very important for the working dog. It also necessary for the dog with cancer and kidney diseases.

Copper: Copper is such a metal that can’t tolerate your dog. It should be the causes of serious liver related health problem. So try to avoid food brands those have the heavy amount of copper.

The necessity of content base for different ages and activities:

dog food advisor

Puppies: This is the beginning of life and every part of the puppy’s body is in the process of growing. So they need high quality necessary food element to keep this process up. This time puppy needs a good amount of fat, calcium and phosphorus to support their growth. They are also needed protein and carbohydrate more than an adult dog for strengthening their growth.

Active and Working Dogs: Active and working dogs need the most energy to keep up their life cycle active. High quality food is very important for these class dogs. They need a diet with a good balance of Carbohydrate, fat and protein. Vegetables, oils, grains and meat will help give them the energy the need.

Senior Dogs: This is the time when you must be following proper food guideline to make your dog’s life healthier and happier. They need food with higher in protein to prevent their muscle loss. Don’t go with high fat and high calories food. You could serve fiber enrich food to keep them healthy.

Pregnant Dogs: This is the most crucial time for mother dog. Every mother dog needs more calories than ever at this important time of their life. In this pregnancy time, their body goes through a special process. For that, they need more calories than adult dogs. Every pregnant dog owner should care about it.

A Dog with Cancer or Chronic Illness:  We can’t cure cancer disease or chronic illness but we can control those following specific balanced diets. High fat and protein are needed for diabetic dogs and dog with cancer. You should serve a food that has the low carb. 

Understanding dog food labels

dog food advisor

Reading as well as understanding dog food labels are very helpful to find out the best food for your dog. Most of the time consumer company provides confusing and misleading information on their products labels and websites. Here are some tips from our dog food advisor to help you find out the best food-

First Ingredients: In the product label ingredients are listed base on their weight and important one goes top. Generally, we see the meat ingredients at the top of the list. But most of the meat contains 70% of water. If they included water weight than they could be listed it at the top. The reality is the actual amount of meat protein is much less. So meat is the second ingredients, not the first ingredients.

Meat: Definitely meat is the most important ingredient within various ingredients lists. But separately muscles are not to be considered as meat. The consumer can include heart, tongue, esophagus, blood vessels, diaphragm, sinew and nerve as meat. Dog food advisor said, the combination of all these elements is meat.

Natural: Natural means ingredients come from natural sources like an animal, plan or any other nature produce sourced from earth. These natural ingredients could be processed using any method but the consumer can’t use any synthetic elements or processed that use producing synthetic products. The consumer can mention it as “Natural” even after using synthetic element but they must have to disclose it on the label.

Organic: Organic word can’t be used at packet if organic element becomes under 95% of total food element. So pay close attention to the organic term at the time of purchasing.

Organic Ingredients: There has a difference between Organic and Organic Ingredients. If any consumer places the word “Organic Ingredients” on the label, then there must have to be 70% of the ingredients were raised organically.

Premium: Premium/Holistic is kind of fraud or cheating word when it is used at dog food label. Seriously there has no definition for these kinds of words as food element. Dog food advisor said that this is just kind of trick to earn extra some money from the customer. You won’t find any difference between normal food and Premium or Holistic type food.

You have to decide which one would be the best for your dog. Actually, every people will give you different kind of advice but the ball is your court. You have to give the maximum effort to find out the best food for your dog regarding various research. Our dog food advisor has provided important info here base on various research. Best of luck to you and your dog.


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