17 most popular must visit US dog friendly beach!

Every dog owner wants to spend some quality time with his pet friend in a peaceful place. For that, their first choice is a dog friendly Beach. Here we discuss the detail of 17 most popular US dog friendly beaches. where you can spend the beautiful moments of your life. If you want to know about Canadian dog friendly beach, you can read out the 13 best dog friendly beaches in Canada! Now come to the US dog friendly beach article. We discussed the detail of 17 most popular US dog friendly beaches below:

Dog friendly Beach

Lions Dog Park (London Bridge Beach)

Address: Beachcomber Blvd, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 USA

Open Hours:


London Bridge Beach is a great place with well-designed facilities and known as a dog friendly beach. The Beach allowed dog and they also have a separate dog beach area Lions Dog Park. In the dog area, the dog can explore and play OFF LEASH. The doggy place is well covered by grass what gives them comfort. Lions Dog Park is designed with drinking water bowl for the dog, hydrant-shaped fountain which provided cool mist water. The Park has sitting bench around the fenced and a walking path for the two-legged visitors.

Outside the fence, there has fresh drinking water available for human also. Outside Dog Park, your dog must be on a leash. London Bridge Beach is waiting for everyone with its two playgrounds, swimming area, beach and a basketball ground. The Beach come Park must be the best dog-friendly beach to make you fresh.

Fiesta Island (Off-Leash Dog Beach)

Address: 1590 E Mission Bay Dr. San Diego, CA, US 92123 USA

Open Hours: 4 am to 12 am

Cost: It’s FREE

If you are searching a dog friendly beach where your dog can run off leash. So Fiesta Island and Dog Park (Off Leash) is the best place for you. The Island is absolute organize the place for the four-legged baby owner. It has lots of sandy dunes and calm bay water where your dog can get the maximum benefit of enjoyment. You will get sea water divided by fence following the indicating sign. The Island is well designed for the off leash dogs. Around the Island, you will get porta-potties but you have to carry the water bottle for your dogs.

It’s better to have your small dogs on leash for his safety, because there have some naughty one also on the dog beach. The place is awesome but the dog owner should be more careful keeping a clean environment. The dog beach is free and you can enter anytime between 4 am to 12 am. You may enjoy this dog-friendly beach along with your four legged babies.

Arroyo Burro (Hendry’s) Beach

Address: 3403 Edgewater Way Santa Barbara, CA, 93109 USA

Open Hours: Not Mentioned

Cost: It’s FREE

If you are searching beach that is legal for off-leash use around the city of Santa Barbara, California, then Arroyo Burro (Hendry’s) Beach is the right place for you. Arroyo Burro is the dog-friendly beach for sure. You don’t have to wait for a parking spot. Parking is free and available. In the parking lot, you must have to keep your dog on a leash.

After few minutes walking, real beauty is waiting for you. You will see indicating sign. It says, to the right on-leash and to the left off-leash dog beach areas. The place is not crowdy and the visitors, as well as other dog owners, are friendly and well behaved. You will find coin-operated shower station in the dog beach but you should have carried a towel. The Boat House and Hendricks Beach is a restaurant which offers two type services. You can have your meal at small outdoor kitchen along with your dog.

If you want to enter the restaurant then you have to tie your dog to a partial mini tree outside. You should not use the tie up if your dog doesn’t get along with others. Honestly, this is an awesome and wonderful dog friendly beach for roaming around with your four-legged friends.

Union Reservoir (Dog Beach)

Address: 461 County Road 26, Longmont, CO 80504 USA

Open Hours: 8 am to 8 pm


Union Reservoir is the most beautiful dog friendly beach with some necessary facilities. The area is huge about 736 acres providing lots of outdoor recreational facilities. Of course, this is an OFF LEASH dog beach and can swim within the designed area. There have restrictions in another area where you have to go on leash dog. There has one dog training area on the south side of the Park. There is a sailing club also where they arranged a weekly racing.

The place is clean and you can enjoy this place along with some outdoor activities like swimming, camping, boating and so on. For more query about this dog friendly beach, you may contact +1 303-772-1265

Fenwick Island State Park

Address: DE-1, Fenwick, DE 19971 USA

Open Hours: 9 am to 5 pm (Varies base on the season)


Fenwick Island State Park is a great place for the dog owner to roam around with his four-legged friends. The Park authority allowed the dog on a leash (Maximum six feet) and have the permission swimming and sunbathing. But the scenario changed from May 1 to Sept 30. Within this time dog are not allowed swimming and sunbathing. Authority really cares about few things, like dogs licensed and proof of rabies vaccination.

The Park and dog beach authority care about the safety matter. The Park was established 1966 with a 344 acres area. You may visit the dog friendly beach and park to get real life experience about safety and natural beauty. You may contact the Park authority +1 302-227-2800 for more info.

Fort De Soto Dog Beach and Paw Playground

Address: 3500 Pinellas Bayway S Saint Petersburg, FL 33715 USA

Open Hours: No restrictions

Cost: Free

Fort De Soto Dog Beach is one of the best dog-friendly beaches in the USA. You can bring both small and large dog in The Paw Playground. There have plenty of facilities with huge fenced areas. You will also get dog showers facilities on the hot days. You and your dog can explore anywhere in the park on a six feet leash.

The Park authority doesn’t have any problem except on any beach. The exception is The Paw Playground area, you can bring your dog here, even on the beach. Moreover, dogs are allowed off leash and can run freely within the fenced areas. The dog owner can cool off his dog by hosing the dog down on the hot summer day. Fresh drinking water is also available in this dog-friendly beach.

The Park has Gorgeous Parks, Picnic areas, an Old Spanish Fort and overnight camping which are great sources of amusement for two-legged visitors. In 2008 and 2009, the north beach was selected as American number ONE beach by TRIP ADVISOR. For the outsider, there have hotel facilities at a cheap rate.

Smyrna Dunes Park

Address: 2995 N Peninsula Dr New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169 USA

Open Hours: No off day, Sunshine to Sunset

Cost: Per vehicle $10

If you are searching for best dog-friendly beaches for your dog, then Smyrna Dunes Park is the absolutely good place for you. This park has a nice and tidy arrangement to welcome you here. The view is fantastic with really clean water. They have lovely inlet includes huge parking areas, bathrooms, showers and drinking water. The park is representing five ecosystems within it.

There also have observation tower, nature trails, picnic pavilions and nice elevated boardwalks. Dogs are welcome on a leash and this place is known as a dog friendly beach. Hotel facilities are available at a reasonable price who wants to stay few days nearby this dog beach.

Gulfside Beach (Aka Algiers Beach)

Address: Algiers Lane and Casa Ybel Rd Sanibel, FL 33957 USA

Open Hours: Free hours between 7 pm to 7 am

Cost: Parking fee will be charged between 7 am to 7 pm

Sanibel Island and dog beach is a great place for roaming around with your dog and it’s well known as a dog friendly Beach. There have many pet-friendly beaches but Gulfside Beach (Aka Algiers Beach) have great facilities and natural beauty that could make you and your dog refresh. There has a place near the nature preserve. Your dogs are allowed but with a leash and dog owner must have to clean up everything.

You also get available some other facilities here like the picnic table, toilet, and restrooms. You can enter this dog-friendly beach free of cost between 7 pm to 7 am but you have to pay parking fee between 7 am to 7 pm. There have the dog-friendly hotels for the outsiders.

Picnic Island Beach and Dog Park

Address: 7404 Picnic Island Blvd, Tampa, FL 33616, USA

Open Hours:


Florida has a lot of beaches and some of these are dog friendly beaches. We are talking about the dog friendly beach and Picnic Island Beach and Dog Park is one of the best dog-friendly beaches in Florida. This is a very nice place for you and your dog for roaming around. There has a fenced water shower area where your dog can enjoy off leash. The water is a bit of dirty and the area is rocky. The rest of the things are really good. The Nature is too good to make your mind fresh.

This dog beach has the toilet, food and shower facilities which are necessary. The cool thing is, this park has benches and all are arranged perfectly under the shade. You can enjoy the beauty along with your four legged babies and probably one of the best places for both of you. Let’s have a trip to this dog beach and enjoy the time.

Montrose Beach (Dog Friendly Beach Area)

Address: 4400 N Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60640 USA

Open Hours:


Montrose Beach (dog friendly Beach Area) is great place who is searching an OFF LEASH dog beach. The dog-friendly beach area is the northwest corner of the Montrose Beach with 3.83 acres area. The park is well designed to show them on a leash and off leash area. Your dog must be vaccinated to get the permission entering Dog-Friendly Beach Area.

Except for DFA, you must have to maintain leash on your dog. The DFA is a good place for giving freedom your dog. You can enjoy the time along with your dog. Before visiting this dog beach, you may call +1 773-363-2225

Assateague Island National Seashore

Address: 7206 National Seashore Ln, Berlin, MD 21811 USA

Open Hours: Not Mentioned

Cost: $15

If you are searching a good dog friendly Beach around Berlin, MD then Assateague Nation Park is a great place for you. This place is not overcrowded and everyone is so dog-friendly. You may get some visitors without a dog but they are extremely dog accepting. Every dog owners can come here with their dog but they must have to wear their dog maximum 6 feet leash.

You may go another park like Ocean City but this one probably best dog beach. If you consider the clean and crowd fact, definitely Assateague Island National Seashore is the best place. In fact, there are two parks. The National Park is dog-friendly but the State Park doesn’t allow the dog at all.

So you should be careful about the indicator sign and try to avoid the State Park area if you are with your four legged child. They charge $15 to enter the park but provide some facilities. You will get clean water, water fountains those are dog level and so on. You may enjoy this lovely dog-friendly beach with your dog.

Lake Minnewashta Regional Park

Address: 6900 Minneawashta Regional Park Road, Chanhassen, MN 55331 USA

Open Hours: 24 hours open


Lake Minnewashta Regional Park is an OFF-LEASH dog friendly Beach in Chanhassen, MN area. The Park/ dog beach area is huge about 340 acres but only 0.80 miles is designed as an off-leash area. There has a separate area for small dogs whose weight under 25 lbs. You will get one fenced pond and couple of open spaces for playing with other dogs.

The park has one fountain where the owner, as well as the dog, can enjoy together. The Park is waiting for you with a bunch of facilities. For more +1 952-474-0180

Fisherman’s Cove Conservation Area

Address: 391 3rd Ave Manasquan, NJ 08736-0000 USA

Open Hours: Not Mentioned

Cost: Cost FREE

If you are searching a dog-friendly beach around Manasquan, NJ, then Fisherman’s Cove Conservation Area is the best choice for you. Fisherman’s Cove is waiting for you with huge 55 acres of land along with lots of facilities like fishing, walk on the beach, sunbathing and so on. Dogs are allowed to this park but you have to avoid dog restricted part.

The Eastern part of the park has dog friendly Beach and you are welcome with a leash on the dog. The Western part of the beach is designed as DOG FREE. This dog friendly Beach has the clean environment, nice natural view, restaurant for food (both owner and dog) and so on. You would see huge numbers of dogs and most of them are well behaved at this dog beach. Everyone is dog-friendly who comes to this dog beach.

You may see some visitors without a dog but they are dog accepting as well. You can pay a visit along with your dog. We hope, it would be a great memory of your life. For detail info about this dog-friendly beach, you may contact (732) 842-4000

Somers Point Dog Park and Longport Dog Beach

Address: Rt 152 and Ocean Dr. Bridge Somers Point, NJ 08244-0000 USA

Open Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Cost: Cost FREE

If you are searching an off leash dog friendly Beach, you can choose Somers Point Dog Park & Longport Dog Beach. This dog beach has clean water with rock free surface. The beach waiting for you with several facilities like porto potty, human size beach, restaurant. The beach is so clean and you must have to bring your own waste disposal system. The good idea is to bring your own water. This place really dogs friendly and everybody are well dog accepting. Most of the dogs are well behaved.

If you want to take extra security then you can keep your dog on a leash. The better idea is to avoid weekend to visit this place because the weekend is too crowdy. You can go anytime to enjoy this off leash dog-friendly beach from sunrise to sunset and the parking is FREE. For more help, contact (609) 525-9202

Prospect Park Dog Beach

Address: Brooklyn, NY 11215 USA

Open Hours: 9 am to 9 pm (on leash) and 9 pm to 1 am as well as 5 am to 9 am (Off leash)

Cost: Cost FREE

Prospect Park Dog Beach is situated in Brooklyn, NY. The beach is known as the dog friendly Beach but all dogs must be on leash from 9 am to 9 pm. They have conditional OFF LEASH facilities also. The off leash time is 9 pm to 1 am and 5 am to 9 am. Swimming is allowed for the dogs but they must be on a leash MAXIMUM six feet. Off leash swimming also allowed but only on those late nights and early morning hours. They call it Peninsula time.

Myrtle Beach

Address: 8th Ave N & N Ocean Blvd Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 USA

Open Hours: Varies base on the season

Cost: Cost FREE

Myrtle Beach area is a great place for dog friendly Beach lovers. Most of the beach here is dog-friendly. This beach is a conditional beach for the dog for a specific time. From May 1 to Labor Day dogs are allowed on the beach before 10 am and after 5 pm. After the Labor Day, you can enter anytime with your dog but you must have to enter on a leash. The authority allows maximum seven feet leash. They very much care about cleanliness and you must pick up and dispose of the droppings.

The dog beach has the awesome environment with dog-friendly people. Every dog owner, as well as the dog, are well behaved. Myrtle Beach is the best place for dog owners and dog loving people. You may get help for more info (843) 918-1000. You can email them info@cityofmyrtlebeach.com

Matagorda Bay Nature Park

Address: 6430, FM2031, Matagorda, TX 77457 USA

Open Hours: 8 am to 5 pm


Matagorda Bay Nature Park is just beside Colorado River with huge 1600 acre of area. Mexico Gulf is just a couple of miles away. The Park is about at the end of Texas and well known for its dog friendly Beach environment. Dogs are allowed but must be on a leash not more than six feet. The dog beach has designed area with a lot of facilities. There have picnic and camping areas also.

The clean environment will delight your mind. You must co-operate them carrying own disposal system. Taking water is also a good idea. If you take your dog out of the designed area, you must be kept him under your direct control. The Park as well as the dog beach is a good place and have enough to feel you fresh. For additional info please contact +1 979-863-2603

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