Dog throwing up top factors and home remedy

dog throwing up

Dog throwing up is sometimes taken as a less severe case because it signals that the dog is having digestion problems either because of eating something which did not go well with its digestion or just because it ingested too much at the same time. Sometimes vomiting in dogs signals that the dog has some serious health problems which should be addressed to the veterinary so as to treat the problem before it persists.

dog throwing up

Reasons why dog throwing up

Throwing up can be seen as a danger to the dogs, but at the same time, it serves as an essential function in dogs with a history of consuming almost anything they find. When dogs vomit, it is a way of correcting the digestion. Reasons why dogs throw up include the following reasons.

Eating inappropriate food

Dogs especially the young ones have a habit of eating what it is not required. Usually, they eat things from the garbage which irritates their digestion, and this causes them to vomit. Garbage food can cause food poisoning to the dog and to resolve the stomach irritation; the dog ends up vomiting.

Stomach inflation and intestinal tract

This is where some foreign bodies have their way to the stomach, and they cause the stomach to have inflammation and intestines are also affected in the long run. This problem can be solved by seeking appropriate medical attention where the vet will remove the foreign bodies through surgery.

Allergic food

Food is essential for the dog because it facilitates growth and good healthy living to the dog. Different dogs react differently to food. After feeding the dog, how the dog response will tell if the dog is allergic to that food or not. If the dog starts vomiting or develops an itchy skin, then that signals that the food has some allergic reactions to the dog. To solve this problem, one should do away with so many ingredients in the dog’s food.


These are harmful substances found in what the dogs feed. Dogs are not supposed to be fed on plants such as mushrooms because they contain high levels of poison, they are not also supposed to be fed lousy foodstuff. The toxicity in mushrooms or rotten food causes stomach upsets which make dogs vomit. This problem can be corrected by feeding the dog with the required feed and seeking medical attention from the vet.

Pancreas irritation

The pancreas is found in the stomach specifically at the upper side of the intestines.  When there is a stomach upset, the pancreas gets easily irritated and this, in turn, leads to the dog throwing up. This problem is common in dogs, and the owner of the dog should seek the appropriate medical attention to correct it.

Liver defections

A dog can throw up not necessarily because of eating bad food but because of having liver diseases. This problem can only be identified by a doctor who specializes in dog problems to give the required medication.

Other causes of throwing up in dogs include eating grass, kidney failure, side effects from drugs, the trauma of the head, diseases related to cancer.

How to treat a dog throwing up at home

Fasting the dogThe dog should not be fed anything in 24 hours.Stomach upset problem will be solved and the throwing up problem solved.
Use of natural supplementsFeeding the dog with easily digestible enzymes

Giving food rich in vitamin B

Helps in avoiding stomach bloating in dogs which cause throwing up.
Using herbsAdding Natural herbs like peppermint and ginger in their foodHelps in eliminating harmful fungi and toxic substances in the diet.

Measures in diagnosing a dog throwing up

dog throwing up

Step 1: assess how severe the vomiting is.

Different reasons can cause the dog to vomit. One should carefully be keen on the daily activities of the dog. If the dog develops an abnormal behavior and starts omitting, one should assess how frequent the dog vomits. If the dog vomits more frequently, then that shows that the dog has a severe health problem and should be taken to the veterinarian for medical treatment.

Step 2: never assume or ignore vomiting

As much as vomiting seems like a less severe problem, one should not ignore it. This is because vomiting can be caused by severe body infections or defects like kidney diseases which when not addressed on time might lead to the death of the dog.

Step 3: decide on when to seek veterinary attention.

After carefully assessing the behavior of the dog and noticing that the dog is vomiting much, then one should seek the attention of the veterinarian. The veterinarian will carefully study the dog and give conclusive feedback on what the cause of the problem is and what medication is appropriate.

Step 4: seeking medical attention from the veterinary

After noticing that the dog is frequently vomiting, the next step should be to find medical care from a qualified veterinarian. The vet will ask the owner of the dog the history of the dog and questions about what you feed the dog with every day and when you noticed that the dog was vomiting. After that, the vet will examine the dog physically to see If the dog has some notable defections like high fever.

The vet also checks the dog’s tummy to see If the dog has a bloated stomach and also carry out an internal check-up.


Most people have dogs as their favorite pets and some value dogs because of their security provision at homes or workplaces. For this reasons, having a healthy dog is a crucial factor. Occasional a dog throwing up is typical because it is a way of discarding excess food or food which is causing stomach upset to the dog. Checking the dog’s health frequently and taking it to the veterinary cab be a way of ensuring that your dog is healthy and cases like a dog throwing up will not be there.


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