Top Secrets of Dog Treat Recipes Using Sunflower Seeds!

Dog Treat Recipes

When looking for healthy dog treat recipes, a responsible pet owner should always do a careful dog food analysis to ensure that you wouldn’t end up giving your furry friend with something that can endanger his health. Probably one of the famous treats today is none other than sunflower seeds.

Sunflower seeds, however, are not really seeds as these are fruits that are being harvested from sunflower. Sunflower is a kind of plant with bright yellow petals studded with seeds at the center. Many dog owners are curious to know if it is safe for them to feed their pet with sunflower seeds.

Dog Treat Recipes

The answer here is yes, your dog can eat these sunflower seeds but this must only be done in complete moderation. The sunflower seeds are great sources of vitamins, minerals as well as monounsaturated fat that also happens to be healthy fat. Sunflower seeds’ vitamin E content can help a lot in improving the coat and skin of a dog.

Eating one ounce of these sunflower seeds is already enough to meet the daily vitamin E requirements of your pet. The sunflower seeds also have high iron content and low saturated fat level, so these can be used perfectly as dog treats just like dog bread and a dog biscuit, or you can also include them to other healthy dog food recipes.

Dog Treat Recipes

Aside from these, sunflower seeds are also known for having a magical effect as these can help your dog in releasing stress and feel more relaxed. According to some new research studies, it has been revealed that sunflower seeds are very rich in selenium and vitamin B8, and these can also make your pet feel happier and better.

These seeds can also be used for a treatment of neurasthenia and depression. In case your dog is a bit sensitive, the sunflower seeds can serve as the best dog treat recipes that you can give them.

However, you have to remember to feed your pet with the shelled sunflower seeds since the seed shells can be bad for the absorption and digestion of your pet. You also need to choose only the unsalted variety since consuming a large amount of salt can be bad for the coat of your dog.

Dog Treat Recipes

It is also important to keep in mind that there are some dogs that can have allergic reactions to sunflower seeds. If you are going to feed your dog with sunflower seeds for the very first time, you must start with giving just a bit initially and observe the reaction of your pet to test any possibilities of allergies. Avoid giving your dog with sunflower seeds when he manifests some allergies and conduct a thorough dog food analysis before feeding any dog treat recipes to your pet.

Even though the sunflower seeds can be considered as generally safe for your dog, pet owners must always limit the intake of these treats since eating a high amount of high-fat foods might cause vomiting as well as pancreatitis.


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