Gravy Train Dog Food

The Top Secrets of Gravy Train Dog Food!

The Gravy Train dog food was first introduced in the market as far back as 1959 as pet food for the Gaines and General Foods Corporations. This was a product for the Del Monte brand from the year 2002 until the company split in 2013, with the pet food division now called the Big Heart Pet Brands.

The brand has always been known for being one of the homemade dog treats to which you can add warm water in order to form its very own gravy, making it much tastier for your pets.

The short history of Gravy Train dog food

The hypoallergenic dog food brand is owned and manufactured by the Big Heart Pet Brands and they are also hands on in the marketing and distribution of their own foods. They make dry dog food, dog treats, and canned food. Although they don’t have a very extensive line of products, they covered all the basics. Gravy Train is a brand that you can usually find in the grocery stores and the best thing is that this is also very affordable for most dog owners.

Gravy Train Dog Food

Ingredients of gravy train dog food

The dry foods of Gravy Train include chicken and rice flavor, beef flavor, and the liver, bacon and beef flavor. The liver, bacon and beef flavor kibble have an animal digest which is the source of the liver flavor, dried beef stock, bacon fat and the spray dried beef.

As for the chicken and rice flavor kibble, this contains chicken by product meal, dried chicken stock, animal digest and the spray dried chicken. There is no doubt that some of the flavors are being used for the gravy prepared when warm water is added. The food will surely taste like the foods that they are claimed to taste like.

The canned foods from Gravy Train Dog Food include a total of seven varieties, namely the chunks in gravy that has chicken chunks, chunks in gravy with the beef chunks, meaty ground dinner with chicken, meaty ground dinner with bacon and beef, chunks in gravy chunk stew, chunks in gravy with liver, beef, and chicken medley and strips in gravy with turkey strips.

Gravy Train Dog Food

You also don’t have to worry about preparing homemade dog treats as Gravy Train has treats including Wavy Bacon dog snacks, Steak Bones Beef Flavor dog snacks, Jerky Strips dog snacks, and Beef Stocks dog snacks. Despite their names, these are merely treats containing ingredients like corn syrup, wheat flour, ground corn, cheese, garlic and others with the right amount of flavor to meet the product labeling.

Will it be okay for your dog to eat Gravy Train dog food, then? Well, the answer is technically yes. These are balanced and complete foods for good maintenance as well as all life stages. But, despite it being hypoallergenic dog food, don’t forget that you should be feeding these dry foods to your puppies. This is simply because these do not meet the necessary feeding requirements for the little pups.

Also, it will be a wise idea to consult with your vet first before you administer homemade dog treats to your furry friend to stay on the safe side.

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