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Which is the Healthiest Dog Food for Hypoallergenic Dogs?

Just like you, your dog can also develop some food allergies. When you speak of food allergy, this is where the body of your dog considers food as a kind of foreign invader and instead of processing the food, it might attack it instead. Some of the most common signs of food allergy include dry and itchy skin, vomiting and nausea and even gastrointestinal distress. Soy, corn, eggs, wheat, and chicken are the most usual allergens for dogs.  Hypoallergenic dog food could be very harmful, so we have to find out the healthiest dog food for our puppy.

What is a Hypoallergenic Dog Food?

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Hypoallergenic is defined as having the least chance of causing any allergic response. The truth is there is really no absolute guarantee that a certain food will not induce a reaction. But just like with most things in life, there are some foods that have higher risks of causing reactions while some don’t. If you are looking for the healthiest hypoallergenic dog food, the real secret is to combine together carbohydrates, fats and proteins that pose a little risk while avoiding the known offenders at the same time.

Things to Avoid

If you plan to look into the different homemade dog food recipes, you have to know that some foods are proven to be higher risk. These can include soy, corn, wheat gluten and beef. Sadly, most of these can be found in the regular dog foods. Spoiled food, toxins, chemicals and mold exposure can all cause some sickly reactions.

Unlucky, even the healthiest dog foods are not being held up to the similar standards as that of human foods, which means that pet parents are always running a risk that their dog will ingest these items when given commercial dog foods. Not including these to your homemade dog food recipes and daily diet is the most crucial step.

What could be the Healthiest Dog Food?

Getting rid of the known offenders will clean up the diet of your dog while letting you watch out for improvements. While you remove the bad ones, replace them with the healthiest dog food and add small amounts of a certain ingredient little by little for you to monitor the reactions of your dog.

Try foods such as turkey, fresh vegetables, chicken, fruits, fish, and oils such as coconut oil and salmon oil. Use fresh and good quality foods while taking away the known allergy producers, chemicals and possibly molded and contaminated items.

Preparing the Menu

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In general, it is advised that the diet of your pet is composed of a minimum 50% animal protein. This means that you have to make meat as the centerpiece. Veggies, fruits, and starches such as potatoes and rice can make up around a quarter of your dog’s diet. To top these all off, you can also add healthy oils and fats to your pet’s diet. The use of oils with essential fatty acids will not just offer added nutrition for this can also help in fighting inflammation and improving skin condition that is much required for an itchy pet.

The healthiest hypoallergenic dog food can help your dog’s body and make him enjoy a healthy and happy life ahead.

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