Raw Dog Food

The Reasons Why People Like Lamb Bones As Raw Dog Food

What dog doesn’t love bones? There is probably no dog on this planet that will be able to resist this hard and delicious raw dog food. That is why it is not very common for many pet owners to feed bones to their pets. But, what about lamb bones? Will your furry friend be able to eat these bones?

Well, the answer to this million dollar question is a big yes. In fact, your dog can eat lamb bones when these are raw. However, did you know that you should never give cooked lamb bones to your pet? Is it true that lamb bones, when cooked, can be a dangerous treat for your dog?

Raw Dog Food

Cooked or Raw Lamb Bones? What is the Best for Your Pet?

There is really nothing wrong with giving raw lamb bones to your dog. This is not a big surprise since there are a lot of raw dog food recipes that you can find and learn how to prepare. On the other hand, though giving cooked lamb bones to your pet can be very risky as these can splinter into sharp shards that can pose harm to your pet.

What Can Your Pet Get from Lamb Bones?

For sure, you are wondering what the lamb bones have that make it worthwhile to give to your dog. Will it help with their nutrition or give them one benefit or another? While most dog owners have this belief that bones are nutritious and great for the dental health of their pet, a lot of experts have stated that dogs lack the ability of digesting the collage found in bones and chewing bones is not really necessary for dogs to develop good dental health. Most dogs, on the other hand, particularly those that belong to the large breeds, extremely love to chew bones, it will all be up to you to decide if you should treat your dog with bones or not.

Other Pointers When Feeding Bones to Your Dog as Raw Dog Food

Raw Dog Food

  • When your dog likes eating bones as part of his everyday routine, you can look for safe alternatives such as bones made of rubber, nylon or rawhide.
  • If your dog is not chewing bones properly and prefers to swallow the bones in big chunks, avoid giving large sized treats to your pet as there’s a big chance that these will get caught in his throat.
  • While it is a common belief that bone chewing is great for the teeth or your dog, the truth is this can cause fractures to the teeth or even cause some oral injuries.

Should you feel hesitant about giving raw lamb bones to your pet, you can always try raw dog food recipes. Experts also recommend looking for hypoallergenic dog food to avoid any problems with your pet. At the end of the day, while there is nothing wrong with giving raw lamb bones to your pet, the cooked version is never a good choice. Just remember that feeding bones, lamb or not, will always come with several risks.

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