These reasons behind dog food aggression and so on!

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Every animal has its own nature and behavior rather it is wild or domestic. The dog is a very domestic and helpful natured animal. Its behavior is calm and moderate. That is why a lot of people love to rear it as a family member. Sometimes dog food aggression make them upset!

Everything in the world has its own merits and demerits. The dog is not alike. With its friendly, trustworthy, helpful behavior it also has aggression and possessive toward some objects. Aggression goes for foods and possessive goes for any objects, especially for toys. Food aggression means that while eating if the owner or anyone came near to the dog it behaves aggressively. Possessive with things means that if anyone tries to take anything that the dog likes it behaves aggressively.

Though a dog’s aggressive and possessive attitude is a major problem for a dog owner yes, one can stop these problems by taking proper steps and suggestions of a veterinarian doctor. In here, symptoms, causes and precaution & post caution for a food aggression and possessive dog will be given below:

Symptoms of dog food aggression

There have some symptoms that a dog expresses when it becomes possessive toward anything. They are like –

  • Lunging
  • Growling
  • Snapping
  • towards anyone
  • Aggressive barking for any simple matters
  • Pretends to bite and sometimes bites seriously
  • Doorbell, ringtone, an alarm that often rings make the dog frenzies
  • Extreme reaction when someone approaches the dog’s space like it’s eating area, yard, playing field

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Symptoms can be divided into three parts –

  • Mild: The dog growls and may show its teeth.
  • Moderate: The dog cinches or lunges when approached.
  • Severe: The dog bites.

Causes of dog food aggression

As the day passes, the dog’s behavior changes with the environment and the action of its owner towards it. As the nature of the dog, it always loves to maintain rules and regulations except sometimes. It follows its owner accurately. Wherever timetable changes it becomes uncomfortable and if the timetable changes all the time, it becomes aggressive. There have some important points for causing dog food aggression and possessive like –

  • Inbreeding
  • Genetic matters
  • Sexual maturation
  • Harass environment
  • Breaking the pack order
  • Need to nutritious food, playing tools like toys
  • Time to time no medical checkup and treatment
  • Inadequate free space for its living and movement
  • Improper care, attention and response to its actions

The solution of dog food aggression

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Precaution: If the dog is a puppy that newly born or the owner bought it then precaution role will be played for stop being food aggression and possessive with things in near future. They are like –

  • Always keep in mind, the owner has to make the puppy or the dog understand that it will get food, treat, toy or any reward by earning it.
  • Try to maintain a timetable for it like feeding time, walking time, playing time, sleeping time etc. Because it has a great sense of timing and it set the time from the beginning. If the owner breaks the timing continuously, it becomes anxious and acts possessive.
  • According to dog’s nature, they maintain pack order and love to show respect to the leader. As an owner, you are the leader of the dog. Try to eat first and then give food to the dog. This will reinforce your status as the pack leader.
  • Make the dog patience and put in sitting position when you are working or making food for it.
  • Whenever you do anything with the dog always try to use little commands like stop, eat, give, leave, sit etc.

Feeding the dog is a very important act of stopping food aggression. There have some steps for it –

  • Hand Feeding: Start your dog’s feast by giving him food by hand, and use your hands to put the food in the bowl, which will give it your scent. The intention is to get your dog accustomed eating while your hands are on his face and to have no aggressive reaction if you stick your hands in or around the bowl while it’s eating.
  • Treat Tossing: Drop your dog’s favorite treats into the bowl while it’s eating so it’ll learn that people approaching the bowl is a good thing and not a threat. You can also put the meal into the bowl when you walk near it and it’s not eating. This reinforces the connection in your dog’s mind that people near her bowl are very good sometimes.
  • Trade Up: When your dog is eating their regular food, approach them with something better, like any type of meat or a special treat. The goal here is to get your dog to stop eating their food to take the treat from your hand. This teaches your dog some important things. One is that no one is going to loot its food if it looks away from it. The other is that removing hits attention from its food when people come around leads to a reward.

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Post caution

If the dog suddenly showing food aggression or possessive against any objects, try to find out its aggressions reason. If failed, then talk to a veterinarian doctor and follow his suggestions. That is the best way for the post caution otherwise you can be injured by that dog food aggression.

For a long time, the dog is a called the best companion of human which never betrays. We have taken care of it regularly and love it.


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