natural dog food

If Dog Food Is All Natural, Can A Human Eat It?

If you have decided to consider a natural dog food, expect that it will give your dog with the best chance fighting against allergies and skin infections long term. It’s free of artificial flavor enhancers, toxic pesticides, chemical additives, and artificial colors that might be the source of the allergies of your dog.

natural dog food

Natural dog foods contain quality protein as well as grain sources of incomparable nutritional value. This supports the immune system of your dog to help him build resistance to skin infections.

Benefits of Feeding Your Dogs with a Natural Dog Food

There are numerous benefits of feeding your dogs with a natural dog food and these include:

Fewer Digestive Disorders

Natural dog foods are the best dog food for puppies and adult dogs that offer superior sources of proteins and grains and a lack of artificial substances and chemicals, which makes it more digestible. Feeding your dog with natural foods, you will both enjoy improvements and you will see the difference.

Stronger Immunity and Better Overall Health

Although your dog does not suffer from obesity, skin ailments or digestive issues, an organic or natural diet may still be of benefit. Since natural dog food is digestible for dogs, it will help them absorb nutrients much easier to maintain an overall healthy immune system. Improving the immunity of your dog can help you prevent expensive illnesses and infections that need vet care.

natural dog food

Longevity and Quality of Life

Just like humans, the quality of dog foods can affect the quality of your dog’s life. Through feeding natural dog food, you can ensure that your dog will have a healthy, happy, and long life. It can help your pet enjoy and maximize his life expectancy.

There are other benefits that your dog can get from feeding him with a natural dog food. But, can a human eat it if it’s natural?

What Happens If You Eat Dog Food!

If you just eat a bit of dog food, nothing will happen. However, you do not really know that for sure because dog foods aren’t subjected to the same safety and health regulations that human foods are required to have. In the US, the FDA or Food and Drug Administration is responsible for setting the human food safety guidelines to avoid sickness because of improperly handled or contaminated products.

Moreover, FDA is responsible for ensuring that food product labels are accurate when it comes to nutrient content and ingredient listing.

natural dog food

Dog food doesn’t have these same and strict rules that human foods have. Even if the majority of natural dog food contains the same basic components, which are in people foods including fats, carbohydrates, and protein, the proportions of such ingredients are very different and may be harmful once ingested in particular quantities or for a long period of time. This is also true if you have fed a dog with the wrong proportion of those nutrients through giving it an unbalanced human meal.

The best advice or tip is to keep natural dog foods for dogs and human foods for humans.

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