Can I Feed My Dog an Extra Serving if She Finishes Her Food Very Quickly?

organic dog food

What, when and how often you should feed your dog is among the most crucial questions that every pet owner has to face every single day, no matter where they are in the world. The truth is the answer is not really as simple as you think because, first of all, it will all depend on your pet’s breed as well as his individual condition.

Whether you choose to go for raw food diet for dogs or organic dog food, there are a lot of feeding strategies that you can find out there that may work for your dog while others may not.

Now, if your dog has the habit of finishing her food rather quickly, you might feel tempted to give her an extra serving, thinking that she might be hungry that’s why she didn’t have any troubles eating up everything that you’ve given her. But guess what, dogs that finish their food fast does not necessarily mean that they still feel hungry and there is no need for you to give them more food.

organic dog food

It is best for you to know that it is perfectly normal for you to finish her organic dog food in around 30 to 60 seconds, particularly if she is being fed two times a day. If she will take longer than one minute to one minute and a half, it might be a reason for concern because your dog might be suffering from dental issues or another myriad of things that can be wrong. This only goes to say that if she finishes up the food in a matter of seconds, then, there is nothing for you to worry about.

If you would like to give her another serving, what you can do instead is to feed the portion of your pet’s food in two parts. You can divide this into two and set out the other dish first and wait until she finishes the first half portion before putting the remaining portion to the dish and setting it down before here.

You have to take note that your vet is prescribing a diet to your dog for a good reason. Whatever the breed of your pet is, overfeeding is not really helping as this can lead to numerous issues, not the least of which is gaining weight or for your dog to get sick. Weight gain alone is proven to be the reason behind a lot of ailments in dogs.

organic dog food

In case you are worried about what you serve to your pet, you can go for organic dog food or try the raw food diet for dogs as both of these are guaranteed natural so you won’t end up making a big mistake of overfeeding your dog with unhealthy food choices.

Remember that feeding your pet properly is essential to the health of your dog and this is not a simple matter that you can just take lightly.


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