Are Oysters Toxic to Dogs as Dog Food?

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As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to know what dog treat recipes will suit your dog and will not pose any harm to his health. Now, you can easily buy some raw dog food that you can give to your beloved pooch. However, there are some owners who love seafood like oysters and they are wondering if this is also something that they can feed their dog. Are oysters really toxic to dogs, anyway?

While oysters are not necessarily included in the list of toxins, it would be a very wise idea to avoid feeding these to your pooch as raw dog food. This is because there is a chance that the oysters have eaten the toxic algae known as dinoflagellates.

The toxin of these algae can concentrate in the tissues of the oysters and can also be the cause of the paralytic shellfish poisoning not just in humans but also in dogs. Since these toxins cannot be affected nor removed by cooking, it is best not to risk your dog’s health by letting him feed off oysters.

raw dog food

The Unseen Toxins Should Never Be Taken for Granted

Oysters are actually filter feeders that thrive on planktons such as the one celled dinoflagellate algae. These toxic dinoflagellates are actually the algae which are the reason behind the poisonous red tides. Although not all oysters are being exposed to these toxic dinoflagellates, you can never really tell whether a certain oyster has some amount of concentration of these toxins, specifically saxitoxins and gonyautoxins.

Even though the oysters wouldn’t make you feel sick, the reactions to these toxins can vary based on the health, weight, and species and might even lead to some serious reactions to your dog.

With all these things considered, you can say that the oysters themselves are not really toxic. But, feeding oysters to your dog is not really advisable due to the possibility that the oysters have consumed things that can be toxic to the canines.

Other foods that you should avoid feeding to your dogs include onions, garlic, beverages that contain café and avocados. Avocados have persin content that can be toxic to your dog. When given in large doses, garlic and onions might cause anemia to your pet while caffeine can be fatal in big amounts. In this case, Homemade dog food could be another one solution for you.

raw dog food

Look for the Best Raw Dog Food

Well thought out and carefully prepare raw dog food recipes will be able to keep your furry friend healthy, happy and in his peak condition. Feeding raw dog treat recipes will obviously not involve cooking but this will involve proper research and careful preparation as well as lots of patience, creativity and effort.

It is a must to ensure that the recipes that you choose to feed to your dog will have the perfect balance of nutrients that will suit his age, size as well as activity level. Similar to humans, a varied diet composed of the highest quality of ingredients is the surefire way to achieving this goal.


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