Dry Dog Food

How Do I Get My Dog to Start Eating Dry Dog Food?

There are so many great reasons why you should introduce kibble or dry dog food to your beloved dog, whether it is their only food source or combined with extra portions of wet dog food. Dry food has the tendency to be much cheaper compared to wet food, not to mention that this causes less mess, will not require a lot of dog food storage containers and can provide an extensive array of dental benefits for your furry friend.

But, it is almost unanimous for dogs to find the aroma, texture and taste of wet foods as more appetizing and there are instances where you will need to give your dog a little boost just so he will start eating dry kibble meals, especially if you want to move your pet from wet to dry diet or you have plans to change brands.

Dry Dog Food

There is an extensive range of various food products that can be added or mixed to your pet’s kibble to make this more appetizing to them, either through changing the taste, texture or smell of the kibble itself.

When your dog doesn’t seem to be that keen on eating the kibble or dry dog food on its own, there are several suggestions that you can do to come up with a delectable homemade dog food.

Dry Dog Food

Dry Dog Food Feeding Techniques:

  • Prepare gravy for your dog’s kibble through mixing a small amount of aromatic wet food with water and mix this with thin liquid. Pour this over the dry food and check if texture change and the hint of a wet meal can entice your dog.
  • Add some warm water to the kibble to make the hard chunks softer and alter the texture to make this more palatable to your pet. You have the choice to serve this right away as a type of water soup and kibble or you can wait until this has completely softened before mashing this into the paste. Whatever you choose, after adding water, you must treat this meal as you would with wet food and avoid leaving this uneaten for several hours as this can spoil.

Dry Dog Food

  • You can also mix the wet food with your dog if given with the kibble, especially if you want to change the diet from a wet to a dry one. You can start off with the relatively higher ratio of wet food to dry food and little by little, phase out the wet food in time until the dog is left with the kibble alone or a small amount of wet food for an added inducement to their appetite.
  • Another homemade dog food that can lure most dogs is a small amount of diced boiled chicken. You can mix this with kibble to get them to eat. Avoid garnishing this on top or your pet will end up picking off the good bits and leaving the rest behind.

Also, an important tip to make the kibble or dry dog food more appealing to your pooch is to ensure that you keep them in tight dog food storage containers so that they will not lose their aroma which is what makes them enticing to your pet.

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