the Best Dog food

What is the Best Dog Food for Your Dog?

Well, meat based dog food is much better compared to the grain based ones. This is the very secret to achieve the optimum health of your pet. The low quality foods are almost always those that are grained based while the higher quality and higher dog foods are going to be meat, fish or poultry. So this is up to you to find out the best dog food for your loving dog.

There might be a need for you to pay more for the meat based foods yet a higher price here means higher quality. And when the ingredients are of high quality, you can expect for greater nutritional value.

As far as your furry pet is concerned, good health will always start with proper nutrition. A healthy dog food is something that is composed of a minimum of 30% meat based protein combined with a minimum of 18% meat based fat.

the Best Dog food

That very first ingredient that you will see on the product label must always cite the sources of meat such as beef, lamb, chicken or venison.

Meat is so far the best digestible source of food for your dog. The highest quality of meat will contain all the vitamins, proteins, essential nutrients and minerals that your pet needs for him to live a healthy and long life. The preservatives must come from the natural sources including vitamin E or vitamin C.

If you are curious to know what is the best dog food, it is a wise idea to choose those that have the highest quality and finest human grade ingredients that absolutely don’t contain any chemical additives such as preservatives, dyes, synthetic ingredients or fillers.

For those dog owners whose budget cannot afford the higher quality dry dog foods that are meat based, you might want to consider adding some canned with dry in order to enhance the overall diet of your pet. Once again, the list of the ingredients of both is very important here. You might also want to consider supplementing with the bone free table scraps which contain healthy levels of fat and protein.

What is the best dog food on the market?

the Best Dog food

A healthy dog food is something that is lower in carbohydrates by rich in the meat based protein since your dog does not really require carbs. Carbohydrates are being added to the dry food in order to reduce the costs. Homemade diets, frozen meat diets and raw diets all exist for a good nutritional reason and these are expected to become more famous in the future since dog owners are going to see the wonderful results that natural and fresh diets can provide.

If you can see that your dog is perfectly healthy and happy, there might be no need for you to make any changes to his diet. However, even if you do, it would be a good idea to ask your vet first. Protein is extremely vital for your dog yet there are some cases, just like with puppies, liver issues or old age, where your pet would need to follow a diet with lower protein. Ask your vet about your dog or puppy’s nutritional needs to find the best dog food. A healthy dog food will suit your puppy best.

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