Vegetarian Dog Food

What is the Best Vegetarian Dog Food?

The number of conscious vegetarians all over the world is continuously growing as more and more people get to realize the health, environmental and ethical benefits of going meat-free vegetarian dog food. And with more individuals getting used to the idea of eating healthy meal ideas that are not meat-based, people are also wondering if the meat is really a great idea for their pets.

Vegetarian Dog Food

Regular dog food, after all, is composed primarily of by-products and other unwanted leftovers of the meat industry. This industry has a colossal impact on the environment and it also happens to be responsible for several actual ethical abuses. But, you also need to pay close attention to the mere fact that your pet dog is a natural meat eater. This can lead to some worries that a vegetarian or natural balance dog food might cause some health issues.

For starters, what does vegetarian mean? Many people disagree, and some people include the animal foods such as milk and eggs in their regular diet, with others labeling themselves as vegetarian even if they are eating some meats.

But, the most usually accepted the definition of the term vegetarian is a person who does not eat any kind of meat but eats eggs and dairy products. In general, vegetarian dog food includes grains, soy, vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, lentils, beans and other types of legumes and eggs and dairy products.

Vegetarian Dog Food

Good thing that dogs are not as obligate carnivores as the cat. They don’t require vitamins that are found in meat alone. It means that, theoretically, you can feed your dog’s even without meat. However, it can be a bit tricky to find the right natural balance dog food. If your dog fails to eat a sufficient amount of a specific essential nutrient, chances are your pet will end up sick.

On the other hand, dogs must not eat a lot of carbohydrates since this can cause some digestive issues. You can look for a properly packaged vegetarian dog food, something that your vet recommends as much as possible if you are very concerned about your pet’s nutrition.

Does your dog adjust properly to the new vegetarian diet? Some signs that he is not reacting nicely to the diet include hair loss, personality and mood changes, the general sense of sluggishness and digestive problems. Take note that vegetarian protein replacements are some of the foods that can cause some allergic reactions. But still, a lot of dogs are completely happy with a balanced vegetarian diet.

Vegetarian Dog Food

Finally, if you notice that your dog cannot handle a totally vegetarian dog food, one more option is for you to choose those foods that are made using ethically produced meats. Plant foods that are responsibly sourced, meat from the animals that are raised under the humane conditions as well as other properly produced ingredients will be able to help you stay away from problems that are usually associated when feeding the conventional dog foods. Always make sure that you consult with your vet to ensure that you will be feeding your pet with a natural balance dog food.

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